2 Time Saving Apps for Project Life

In the short time I started my Project Life album I found two great apps that help make editing and printing my iPhone photos much easier.

2 Time Saving Apps for Project Life via Monique Is Blog

1. Pic Stitch – I’ve owned this app for a long time, I use it to create collages for Instagram. Now that I’m in to Project Life I discovered a new use for Pic Stitch! The Project Life Photo Pocket Pages include 3×4 pockets. Through browsing blogs, Instagram and Pinterest I saw that people were managing to get 3×4 photos into those pockets and I wanted to do the same. I discovered that if I do a 2 photo collage and change the aspect ratio to 6×4 I can print the two photos on one sheet and cut them in half. The photos then slip easily into the 3×4 pockets!

2. Shutterfly – The Shutterfly app is super helpful because I take all of my photos on my iPhone and do some editing using Pic Stitch. With this app I can upload my finished photos onto my Shutterfly account directly on my iPhone! I can also place my print orders through the app. Done and done!

There you have it! These are the two apps that are the most helpful and save me lots of time. No need to hook up my phone to the computer, I can manage it all from my phone with these apps.

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