3 Day Training Update

Some of you reading this might already know, I’m walking 60 miles over three days this November for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk to raise funds for breast cancer research and patient services. So not only do I need to raise $2300 before the walk but I also need to prepare myself to walk such a long distance.

Susan G Komen 3 Day Training Update by Monique Is Blog

My training so far is not a strict schedule. I generally like to go to the gym 3-4 times a week already but I need to fit in more actual walking out in the real world, not just blasting out cardio sessions on the elliptical. The goal here is to build up endurance. What I have instituted so far is instead of driving to the gym I walk. I did start taking walks on my lunch break but that got derailed so I need to get back to doing that.

In order to cross train I also started running more. I have a friend that is great at motivating me to run and push myself. A few weeks ago I ran 4 miles in real life (not on the treadmill)! To be honest I walked a bit to catch my breath, but overall I ran the majority of the distance!

Another way I am cross training is by doing resistance training. There is a group exercise class at 24 Hour Fitness called Body Pump that relies heavily on using a barbell and weights to focus on building up various muscle groups. There is a lot of squatting and lunging involved so I figure that must be great for building up strength in my legs.

Next I need to clear out some time where I can do a nice long walk to test where I’m at with my endurance. There is a specific 3 Day Walk training guide that I read and plan to follow as closely as I can. I learned that days off are important to build strength and regain energy.

And of course–I need to reach my fundraising goal of $2300 by November! So far I’ve received support from friends and family and it makes me so happy to see those donations come in. If you’d like to support as well, please donate by clicking here.

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