April Updates!

Hi friends! Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 I really considered quitting this blog. I seem to lack motivation and that is something I mentioned in the past. Now that I’m a freelancer with a more flexible schedule I still seem to put off blogging. It used to be really super fun for me and I would be excited to whip up a blog post. These days I just associate being on the computer, writing, and blogging with WORK.

Follow @bossbabe on Instagram for more quotes like this!
Follow @bossbabe on Instagram for more quotes like this!

My freelance copywriting and social media management business is going well, I picked up a new client in March and have been talking to others, putting the word out there. I think I could handle another 2-3 clients depending on the workload.

I really do need to kick my Avon business into high gear, I used to make a decent amount of money back in the day so I know I need to reintroduce old habits in order to make this business work. I am ordering extra catalogs this month so I can start leaving them at businesses in my area regularly.

My third endeavor is Chloe + Isabel. My first month went well! I made back my initial investment and then some. I am really excited about where this business might take me. I’ve approached local businesses about collaborating in the near future. I need to follow up and get some confirmations, crossing my fingers that I get a couple in the books for end of this month or May. I have two in-home Pop-up shops booked for April and there is a wonderful Spring Fling 30% off sale happening right now, ending on Monday, April 6.


I think I will update this blog regularly with the latest news and updates on Chloe + Isabel and Avon. There are lots of exciting things coming up with both companies!

In more personal news, we are excited that Kyle’s graduation is just around the corner along with our trip to Europe! We decided we are going to visit England, Scotland, Ireland and France. Usually I’m a very good planner but I haven’t been able to really focus on planning this trip. I feel like my brain is not accepting that this trip is REALLY happening. It’s so unreal, a dream come true!

We also made a big move, we purchased a brand new car, 2015 Nissan Rogue. This is big because neither of us has ever owned a brand new car and we chose it specifically because we want to start our family this year!! We really wanted a new, reliable, safe car with extra space and capability to carry a lot. We like to go camping and like taking road trips. I think this car will last a long time and will be great for family activities in the future. We also love that there is an optional third row, so we can seat up to seven in this car!

This is our new car!
This is our new car!

That’s it for now! I promise to write more interesting and focused blog posts in the future. I recently received a Pinch Me sample box I’d love to share and we have a camping trip next week with friends so I will update on that too!

Until next time!

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