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Everyone has a favorite article of clothing that they practically live in. When I was a kid it was probably a cozy t-shirt, for Jessica maybe a cute dress, Marina probably opted for a plaid-grunge-Nirvana-esque thing. When you’re a kid you don’t think about fashion rules. You just grab something comfy or whatever your parents lay out for you. My mom rarely had the time to lay out our clothes; we almost always picked out our outfits unless it was a special occasion. Being kids, we usually went straight for that one favorite article of clothing.

                My mom did not like this. She would get so irritated to see us in the same thing all the time. She would look at us with annoyance and say, “Go change! You wear that all the time!” Followed by this gem of a saying,

“You don’t want to look like a fuckin picture!”

                We would feel part shamed and part annoyed back at her. We would trudge back to our rooms, perhaps feebly responding with a, “What’s wrong with what I have on?” There was no use in trying to argue or reason with her, the order was given and must be executed. We’d go to our rooms and dig up something that we hadn’t worn in a while and toss that on our backs.

                She would sometimes even go on and rant about how she hates this certain top or she hates with a passion people that always look the same. You know what; she was actually onto something here!

                Think about it. In Hollywood, all the starlets wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same dress twice! If they do it’s the worst thing that could ever happen and all the catty gossip rags are talking all about it. This was golden fashion advice my mom was instilling in us at a very young age. She was trying to help us not annoy or embarrass. She wanted to prevent us from making early fashion faux pas.

                To this very day when I’m standing in the closet trying to figure out what to wear for the day I hear her, “You don’t want to look like a fuckin picture”, and I get frustrated. I think to myself, “I wore that top last Monday, I wore a purple top yesterday, I already wore a top in this shade of blue the other day” I have to wear something somewhat different, I don’t want to look like a fuckin picture!! Finally, I’ll select the gray long sleeve top and my early morning inner battle is settled peaceably.

People Style Watch 12/12/2007


Next time: A story not about my mom! Possibly a silly dance…

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