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How did your week go? Mine is pretty good, things are looking up in the career department! In other news, I planted some pumpkin seeds and lettuce seeds the week before and this week I’m seeing some pumpkin sprouts. The lettuce…just cups of dirt so far.

I’m also thinking of ways to fundraise the remaining $2300 I need for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. I’m considering hosting either a waffle brunch or spaghetti dinner where guests pay X amount per plate and possibly also have some donated gift baskets to raffle off as an additional fundraiser. My backyard is pretty big so I could fit plenty of people. If you’d like to help me reach my goal click here to donate today, thank you!

Now moving on to the blog posts I love this week…
Blog Posts I love this week


1.  You’re Getting Sleepy…You’re Getting Drowsier and Drowsier… – The Spondylo Warrior

One of my really good friends started this blog to share her story and how she manages living with spondylosis. In this post she discusses tips on how to get out of bed! Yeah it hard to wake up and get started with your day sometimes but when you live with spondylosis it’s just a bit tougher to really get your body going without wiping you out. I hope someone out there finds this blog and gets some great use out of her words!

2. My Subscription Addiction 

This is not linking to any particular post, this is just an awesome blog to visit if you are hooked on subscriptions like I am! This person subscribes to almost every subscription out there and reviews each one. I like going here to see what’s out there and it helps me make my decision on whether or not to subscribe to something. I don’t have that many subscriptions so sometimes I just like to “window shop” through this blog.

3. How to Use Hootsuite – SITS Girls

Since I work in social media I understand the importance of using a scheduling tool, social listening program, and analytics program. I’ve used Hootsuite, Context Optional, Tweetdeck and Sprout Social. This is a great step-by-step article for those who are new to using Hootsuite.

Happy weekend!

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