Blog Posts I Loved This Week April 11, 2014

Blog Posts I love this week

This week I spent a lot of time on Pinterest so most of the blogs I visited contain very “pinable” content. Take a look!

1. Crockpot BBQ Chicken – Frugal Girls 

Super, super easy BBQ chicken recipe I made this week. All you do is put the chicken in the crockpot for a couple hours then add the BBQ sauce to simmer for half an hour. Top it off with those yummy french fried onions for a bit of crunch! I served it with a big heaping side of veggies.

2.  Yoda Soda – The Baking Robot

This weekend my friends are getting together to watch Star Wars in Machete order. For the occasion I want to make a couple Star Wars themed treats. This is one of them! Never heard of Machete Order? Learn about that by reading this.

3.  Blood Orange Margarita – The Housewife In Training Files

I haven’t made this yet but I want to SO BADLY! Click the link and look at the gorgeous photos of this refreshing looking drink. I need to get my hands on some blood oranges and tequila ASAP!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. Thanks for reading!

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