Blog Posts I Loved This Week April 4, 2014

Blog Posts I love this week

Each Friday I will do a round-up of blog posts I loved this week. I got this idea from seeing other blogs like Simon Oh’s Read 3 posts. So let’s get started! Here are a few blog posts I really enjoyed this week.

1. Buy the Box Weight loss – Double Chin Diary

April discusses why not all weight loss solutions are one size fits all.

2. Importance of Showing Appreciation – Lauren K Gray

Lauren brings up why it’s important to do little things each day to show people how much you mean to them. Like a phone call or handwritten note. Great reminder.

3. Honey-Lemon Chicken With Potatoes – Slow Cooker – Taste and Tell

I found this blog via Pinterest and tested out this recipe last night. It was a success! This is something you can throw together this weekend for a yummy easy meal.

4. How to Create a No Follow Link Video Tutorial – SITS Girls

Great tutorial for fellow bloggers who write sponsored posts and reviews. I had no idea this was a thing until this week!

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