Bridal Body Weigh-In 1

It’s been one week since I announced my Bridal Body fitness goal. I tracked my calorie intake on My Fitness Pal and for the most part followed the Blogilates #NutsInNovember workout calendar. I also did a cardio workout from my Nike Trainer app. I’ve been diligently checking in at least once a day on Instagram and Twitter to let the world know that I did my workout or ate well for the day. I still want you, dear reader, to keep me in check! Follow me on both IG and Twitter @mgnzlz to make sure I don’t slack off! If you see a day go by without me checking in ask me what’s up on Twitter!


So now it’s time for the weigh-in…My jeans don’t feel any looser… but I’m happy to say that I lost 1.8 pounds!! Yay!!

Last night I almost didn’t work out. Kyle sweetly reminded about my goal to look great for our wedding and to fit properly in my jeans. I reminded myself that I needed to publicly announce my progress today. I got off my booty and did the Blogilates workout routine of the day. I’m just going to keep moving along, I hope to continue to lose fat, build muscle and make healthy choices.

Tracking my calorie intake really opened my eyes to how I eat. The little candy bars and treats throughout the day add up! Now I’d rather save my calories for something more fulfilling! I look at it as a “bank account” I start out with a certain amount to spend each day and don’t want to spend my money (calories) on stupid little things. I’d rather have a few big things that are totally worth the spending.

#BridalBody start weight: 140

Pounds lost: 1.8

Pounds to go: 18.2

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