Bridesmaid Gift DIY: Custom Wine Glass

Custom wine glasses, complete with wine glass charms were the last item I included in my bridesmaid’s thank you gift bags. I again employed some help from Martha Stewart, utilizing the Martha Stewart brand glass etching cream and adhesive stencils like I did when I made the votive candle holders and memorial candle holder. I also added some glitter to the bottom of the glasses with Martha Stewart paint.

Bridesmaid Wine Glass DIY Gifts

I did the glass etching just the same as with my other two glass etching projects. Clean the glass, apply stencils, dab generous amounts of cream, let sit, rinse off and remove stencil. I used their first initial and added a unique symbol on each glass as well.

Bridesmaid Wine Glass DIY Gift

Next I added glitter! I chose a glass paint that had an opal-like finish called Sugar Plum. At first I started dabbing the paint on with a sponge but it left weird streaky marks. So I swirled the paint on with my fingers instead! Note for the future when painting with glitter, wear a glove because the glitter starts to irritate skin! I let the paint dry for about an hour in between coats. The label states it is self-priming adheres to glass and dishwasher safe.

Bridesmaid Wine Glass DIY Gift Glitter Paint

Once the glasses dried I added the finishing touch! I found some charms at Michael’s and used some purple ribbon to tie it around the bottom of the stem.

Bridesmaid Wine Glass DIY Gift Wine Charm

That completes my bridesmaid gift series!  Here are the previous posts if you’re searching for ideas: Bridesmaid Gift DIY: Votive Candle Holder and Review: MiA Bath & Body.


Thank you girls for everything!
Thank you girls for everything!


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