I can’t believe I’ve made it this far in the blog challenge and the end is near! Today we’re talking about collections. There actually are a few things I like to collect even though I’m on a mission to streamline our belongings so there is less to move up and down stairs next time we switch apartments.

1. Nail polish. I absolutely love nail polish and started my collection years ago when I first became and Avon Representative. It’s easy to get the newest color trends when I pay such a low price with my Rep discount! I feel like I have a loyalty to the brand, why buy else where when I can get it from myself at a good price? I like getting at least one new color from each new collection.

This is what my collection looked like in 2011--there is much more now!
This is what my collection looked like in 2011–there is much more now!

2. Lipstick and lip gloss. Again, another habit started with my Avon Rep status. I used to be intimidated by lipstick but having those little bullet samples to test out helped me overcome that feeling. I am very confident with wearing lipstick and don’t feel it’s “too much.” I also like lip glosses because they are so sheer and pretty.

One of my somewhat recent lipstick purchases
One of my somewhat recent lipstick purchases

3. Greeting cards. If you give me a greeting card for a special occasion like my birthday or graduation you bet I’m going to keep it! I have greeting cards dating back to middle school from my mom and sisters. I recently looked into creating an album to preserve these cards. I’ll write a DIY post for next month!

4. Flattened pennies. When I visit a new place and see one of those penny flattening machines I must have one! It’s a tiny souvenir that usually costs me 50 cents (51 if you count the penny) and I’m searching for a way to store these nicely. If you have any ideas please let me know!

5. Shot glasses. The other must have souvenir I purchase when I go to a new place. I either get a penny or a shot glass. I know they are both kitschy touristy things but I allow myself to indulge in those mementos.  I own a fairly small collection of shot glasses but one day when I own a house I’ll have a special cabinet built to display them.

In my mind I imagine the shot glasses and pennies being these great conversation starters, is that silly? I just remember my step-grandparents house with their interesting little knick-knacks like a spoon collection and tea cup and saucer collection. Each item had significance and were very nicely displayed. It wasn’t old junk collecting dust in a garage or attic. I feel most collections should have stories attached to them and that is what makes a collection worthwhile. It’s not just having things for the sake of having them.


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  1. I love flattened pennies! And Avon!! My mom still has a collection of the old Avon perfume bottles that were shaped like cars. I can’t wait to inherit it.

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