Dealing with Anxiety and Change

I deal with anxiety. During stressful situations anxiety creeps up on me, pressing down on my chest and twisting my muscles, winding it tight creating pressure and sometimes difficulty breathing. I never experienced this horrible feeling until age 21. I never sought help for this feeling because after a while it just went away. I used to just live with this feeling all the time until slowly things changed for the better and the depression and anxiety melted away.

Except now, anxiety sometimes still finds a way to creep into my life. Even in minorly stressful situations I can feel seeping in and I try to ignore the feeling. I don’t want to give it too much of my attention, because thinking about it sometimes makes it worse. I just try to focus on pushing forward and taking deep breaths.

Right now I am dealing with anxiety again as I go through the phases of experiencing something new.  Unfortunately it’s not a happy life event but something everyone goes through at least once. Since I am a little nutty when I am presented with way too much free time I am changing my situation as quickly as possible. Every day I do a little something to move myself in a new direction. Really, the anxiety subsided after just a week and I already feel a lot better. Occasionally a little sadness and doubt enter my mind, but for the most part I’m holding onto positivity.

Something good will happen soon. It must!

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