DIY: Galaxy Nail Trend

Galaxy Print is currently a trend I’ve spotted on Pinterest. People are putting this print on clothes, shoes, accessories and even on their finger nails! I decided to hop on the galaxy bandwagon and tried my hand at creating the print on my nails.

Galaxy Nails DIYI researched examples on Pinterest to get started. I noticed many used the sponging on method. I don’t have any cosmetic or painting sponges so I searched for an alternative way. I’ve seen people use the “Saran Wrap” method to create a swirled look and thought that technique might work for this. So I read up on how to do it and gathered my supplies!

What You Need:

Saran Wrap

Paper Plate


Black Nail Polish

Glittery Nail Polish

2-3 other Nail polish colors that seem “galaxy-ish” Your choice!

Base Coat

Clear Top Coat

Nail Polish colors for Galaxy Nails

First I cut up pieces of saran wrap, bunched them up and placed them on the paper plate. I knew once my nails were wet I wouldn’t want to risk smudging by messing with saran wrap.  Then I prepped my nails by filing them and applying a base coat, I used Avon Nail Experts Smooth Beginnings. Then I painted my nails with Avon Speed Dry in Rapid Black.

Black Nail Polish

This nail polish dries very quickly but just to be sure I waited a full five minutes before starting the saran wrap. To do the saran wrap method you first put some nail color on the paper plate, just a little bit. Then get your bunched up saran wrap and dip it in the nail polish. Blot it on the paper plate (you can see where I did) to remove excess. Then quickly dab your nail in the desired areas. You will need to reapply nail polish to the saran wrap to get color on each nail. Use a different saran wrap piece for each color.

Saran Wrap method

I began to layer on colors starting with the lightest and ending with my glitter color.

Avon Speed Dry in Prompt and Pearly
Avon Speed Dry in Prompt and Pearly

Black white and orange nail polish

Avon Speed Dry in On Point Blue
Avon Speed Dry in On Point Blue
Avon Nail Wear Pro in Grape Goddess
Avon Nail Wear Pro in Grape Goddess

I finished it off with a coat of Avon Speed Dry Top Coat. I’m very pleased with how it turned out and now I want to experiment with other color combos!

How do you feel about the galaxy print trend, into it or meh?

galaxy nails without flashgalaxy nails diy with flash




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