Dream Job

A dream like scene from Turtle Bay
A photo from when I visited Hawaii

Traveling the world experiencing new places, seeing historical architecture and art, tasting new foods and embarking on new adventures with a notebook and laptop in tow would be the best job EVER. My dream is to one day be a travel writer.

I feel like travel writing would be fulfilling and fitting for me because of my training in journalism combined my interest in history, cultural anthropology and sociology. For me traveling isn’t just about sipping cocktails poolside in a luxury hotel. It’s about immersing myself in a different culture and observing, learning taking in the whole experience. Opening my mind to a different way of living and understanding that the world is so much more than the little space I occupy everyday. Writing down these experiences and sharing them with anyone who cares to read would be so satisfying. Receiving paycheck would be a great plus.

If things had gone a little differently in my life I would have minored in anthropology in college. I took as many classes as I could ranging from biological anthropology to a few more specific cultural anthropology courses. I also dipped my toe in sociology, humanities and ethnic studies. It is so interesting to learn about people and the different ways of life and states of mind.

Even traveling to a different state like Georgia or Tennessee opens my mind to the differences between people on the other side of the country and more importantly WHY these differences exist. I would love to visit each every state one day and every continent (except maybe not Antarctica–too cold!). I think one day this might come true but for now I’m just getting my feet wet with professional writing.


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