Easter Candy Dish Glass Etching Craft

Glass Etching DIY using Martha Stewart glass etching cream by Monique Is BlogI love scented candles but I always feel bad about the waste jar candles create. I figured out something useful to do with my most recent used up jar candle! I pulled out my Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream and adhesive stencils and made an Easter themed candy dish! From beginning to end this whole thing probably took me 30-40 minutes tops. That includes the time it took to clean out all the leftover wax from the bottom of the jar and getting it all squeaky clean.

Here’s a Vine video I created showing the process.

I like glass etching because it is super simple. You clean the surface, apply some adhesive stencils, dab on the cream, wait 15 minutes and then rinse and peel off the stencil.  Then you are done!

Easter Glass Etching Craft Monique is Blog

Here is a photo in different lighting.

Easter Candy Dish Glass Etching by Monique Is Blog

Another photo with some candy inside. This could also be reused as a candle holder since originally it contained a 3-wick candle!

DIY Easter Candy Dish Glass Etching by Monique Is BlogIf you are looking for more glass etching craft ideas, take a look at these other creations I made: Memorial Candle, Votive Candle Holder, and Wine Glasses.

Supplies used:

-Candle Jar

Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream

Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencil, Holiday Icons
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