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Going to the mall or to the stores to shop is unappealing to me as my pregnancy continues. I experience back pain caused by my sciatic nerve being pinched so walking around shops is more of a hassle and not so fun anymore. I predict going out to shop will be a little difficult once baby is here! I really wish I signed up for Ebates before holiday shopping because I did 99% of my shopping online. So what is Ebates exactly?

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I found out about Ebates through my friend Alyssa (blogger at lalalyssa.com). I saw her post about it on Facebook a couple times and looked at it but didn’t take any action. Finally, I investigated the website and signed up through her referral link. I thought this would be a great way to finish off our Babies”R”Us registry with our completion discount while shopping online AND get a percentage back.

It totally worked! We received a rebate from that shopping trip and I didn’t need to drag my pregnant body all over the store – YASS! I also used Ebates to purchase a Snoogle (awesome body pillow) from Bed Bath and Beyond, a decision I  wish I made way earlier in my pregnancy, so we got a little money back from that as well. Kyle needed new jeans so I hopped online, placed an order with Levi’s and bam – money back from that too!

So far we accumulated $14.56 and earned a $10 Target gift card. When I refer a friend we’ll get $25 for each friend, so if you like online shopping and getting money back go ahead and click here to use my referral link to get started now. 

There is also a free app you can download on your phone, and you can also shop online with the app to earn rebates. I downloaded the Ebates Cash Back Button for Google Chrome so that I don’t have to go to their website everytime I want to start shopping online, a little button will pop-up letting me know the retailer participates in Ebates and I can “activate” the rebate.

The last thing I want to say about Ebates is that the website will also show you stores that are doing double cashback, coupons, free shipping offers and sales.

Example, right now there are a bunch of promotions around Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to order flowers or purchase something special you can go through Ebates to earn some money back and check out all the deals.

Ebates valentines day cashback offers

I recommend Ebates and can honestly tell you that it is TOTALLY LEGIT! I am writing this review completely on my own accord, Ebates did not contact me in anyway whatsoever to write this, it’s just an awesome way to shop online and I wanted to share my personal experience.

Until next time!

(Click here if you want to sign up for Ebates) 

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