Everyday/All The Time Song & Dance

I haven’t posted anything in a while and I want to keep this blog alive so here is a “quickie”. I have been meaning to make a little video of me performing the Everyday/All The Time Song & Dance. The origins of this little ditty come from an over zealous lecturing ex-stepdad.

He would get into these rants, going on and on about how we didn’t do our chores correctly or didn’t follow his directions. In general he just really loved to talk and loved the sound of his own voice. He would start making lists, “One-You didn’t do this, Two-You forgot that, Three-I’m mad, and another thing…blah blah blah.” He would hold out his hand as he made these lists, counting out 1, 2, 3…but then he would forget as he went on another tangent about something else that was pissing him off. All the while his hand would still be out with three fingers waving around!

Along with forgetting he was making a list of points in the middle of lecturing us, he had a horrible habit of repeating himself. “everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday and all the time, all the time, all the time, all the time, I say this,” he would spew. After hearing him go through this repetition during a string of lectures we decided it was time to make it entertaining. In our room, door closed, giggling and whispering, we would rehash all the things that annoyed us about his latest lecture.

“Ever notice how he just repeats himself? It’s like … a song!”

The song and dance were invented and every time he went on with that repetition we had to hold back our laughter because he had no idea we were mocking him behind his back.

The dance goes like this: Put one hand on your hip, raise the other hand to the ceiling, point one finger on the raised hand up. Stamp one foot on the floor and pivot around on the stationary leg. Mix it up by changing the direction of your turn, clockwise to counter-clockwise and vise versa.

Now rapidly repeat “Everyday, everyday, everyday, all the time, all the time all the time”


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