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I just signed up for this new subscription service called Fabletics. I’m already a fan of subscriptions as you can tell from my Julep and Ipsy posts. I also subscribe to Shoedazzle but don’t purchase very frequently anymore. Fabletics, co-founded by Kate Hudson, is different from those subscriptions, this one offers cute, trendy, versatile workout clothes. I made physical fitness a part of my life while trying to get fit for my wedding. Now I’m training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. Fabletics Review via moniqueis.com I now require a variety of workout clothes since I’m trying to be active four or more times a week. It is really ideal to be active every single day. When I told my doctor my goal to be active at least four days a week she said I should really make it a daily habit. So I try to do more by taking walks, hiking, doing workout videos, as  well as hitting the gym. Now on to the review!

If you are having trouble saying Fabletics just think Fab + athletics! Just like other subscriptions services, you take a quiz and each month a selection of outfits are presented for you to choose from.  You can also shop other items or by the 5th of each month you can choose to skip. Forget to skip and you will be charged!

My first outfit was $32.22 with free shipping and a discount code for new members. For future outfits I will pay between $49.95 to $69.95. This seems like a lot for a new set of workout clothes each month. I typically pick up some items here and there at Target by shopping their C9 line. I skipped this month’s Fabletics selections.

This is the outfit I originally selected.
This is the outfit I originally selected.

When I first received my outfit I was so excited! I tried everything on and sadly the sports bra was uncomfortable and the top was WAY too big. The capri pants felt snug at first but after getting into them I realized “Ah, so THIS is what quality material feels like!” They are way thicker and sturdier than the cheapy ones from Target! I did end up returning the top and sports bra. Unfortunately, I could not process my return online AND the original items I selected were sold out! Luckily the helpful and knowledgeable customer service rep walked me through the process over the phone and placed the order for me. I received a return label online that I just printed off and taped to the original packaging. One week later my new items arrived.

My out
My first Fabletics outfit, everything fits and is comfortable.

I am very happy with the sports bra I ended up choosing. This one is comfortable and holds the girls in place while working out. I mean, that’s the whole point! Plus, the mint color is cool. It also comes with removable padding inside, so if you want a little extra coverage it’s there, if not you can remove them. I feel like the top did shrink a little in the dryer so next time I will air dry any tops I get from Fabletics.

Post Hike Selfie in my Fabletics outfit via Monique Is Blog
Post hike selfie in my Fabletics outfit

Overall, I feel for the quality of the fabrics, comfort of the clothing and uniqueness of the service the pricing is about right. This is not something I can indulge in monthly but maybe every few months when it’s in my budget this is a great way to update my workout wardrobe. It’s true though, when you have fun new workout clothes it makes you want to workout more! At least for me that is a motivator 😉

If you want to check out Fabletics please use my referral link just click this. I was not paid for this review, all opinions are mine and I paid for the items myself.

Here is one last photo of the outfit, just me taking a quick break on the hiking trail for a photo op 🙂

Fabletics workout gear subscription review via Monique Is Blog

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