Favorite Food

My top favorite foods would be Mexican, Greek and Italian. Exact dishes would be my mom’s enchiladas, albondigas, pozole and chilaquiles. Nothing beats a mother’s cooking! My mom doesn’t make tamales but I also love those too!

With Greek food I love felafel, hummus and pita bread. I love the way my step-grandmother made her cucumber Greek style salad and her baklava. It’s hard to find perfect baklava–either it’s way too dry our way too much honey is used. She introduced us to her Greek style cooking and I have great memories attached to those flavors.

With Italian food I really like eggplant parmigana. Pretty much all Italian food is good because I love the use of pasta, tomato and cheeses.

YUM! I just love food!


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  1. Oh my god, I am a Greek food junkie. The best two places here in Boise for Greek food are Mazzah and the Gyro Shack. And then there’s the Greek Food Festival in summer. *drool*

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