Garden Update

Our tomato plants are HUGE. It’s like a tomato forest now! You can even spot little green tomatoes, soon we’ll have more tomatoes than we can handle.

Vegetable garden, tomato forest! via

Tomato on the vine via

Unfortunately only one bell pepper plant survived and it is dwarfed by the tomato plants. Our potatoes on the other hand are doing great, we spotted little spuds and covered them up with more dirt.

Bell pepper plant via

Potato plants via

I also planted pumpkin seeds about two weeks ago and sprouts are now visible. We started with four sprouts but some animal ate two! I did put two seeds in each so hopefully the other seeds sprout, or I can always plant another seed. These sprouts will soon become full blown plants and before you know it plenty of pumpkins by October — that is if this mystery animal doesn’t eat up all the sprouts!

pumpkin sprout via The start of a pumpkin patch via

My sister-in-law picked up a basil plant at Trader Joe’s and just transplanted it to a pot outside. It seems to be really flourishing!

Potted basil via

My husband started watering this mystery plant, turns out a sunflower seed from our neighbors yard traveled to our garden!

Sunflower via

Last thing I want to show are these apples, the apple tree in the backyard is full of tiny apples right now.

Apples via

Now, I still stand by my disliking of gardening. I don’t mind doing a little bit of work like planting some seeds or watering them in the morning but you still won’t see me out there all day long pulling weeds and pruning trees!

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