I don’t regret leaving my full-time job

Just a few weeks ago, I made the decision to leave a full-time management position for a dynamic beauty related company. Never a dull day and never without a robust to-do list the job rapidly grew into something more than I expected. I discussed it with my husband and really put a lot of thought into this decision. I typed up my resignation letter and handed it in to the general manager. The owners of the company decided to let me go that day, rather than allowing me to tie up loose ends in my final two weeks.

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I don’t ever want to bash a former employer. This was a personal decision. Knowing what my husband and I are planning for the very near future I knew I couldn’t keep up that sort of job for too long. Now I am a freelance copywriter and social media specialist. I am also an Avon Representative and a Chloe and Isabel Merchandiser.

While I now balance three different jobs, each are a job I can do in my own time at my own pace. I no longer feel the pressure, hustle and bustle of answering to higher ups. The only people I’m concerned with now are my direct clients. If I disagree with someone I now obtain the power to drop them as a client if it should ever come to that point.


It is a strange feeling waking up each morning not needing to rush out the door, fearing tardiness. I start work when I want! I know not everyone can access this luxury. I am extremely lucky, I don’t pay rent right now. My husband is an engineering student set to graduate in a couple months with a job lined up. We plan on moving out of his parent’s home as soon as we have what we need saved up. Not everyone gets this opportunity and I so very much appreciate it and express it to my in-laws every time they visit.  Letting us live in their home while my husband finishes up his degree opened up so many opportunities to travel and treat ourselves. It allowed me to walk away from a high-stress job to refocus and concentrate on building a freelance business.

No regrets, just looking ahead to brand new adventures and major life changes within the year! Next up…planning our trip to Europe!


Until next time… xo

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