I love my crafting family

I’m lucky to have a group of passionate crafters as part of my Stampin’ Up family. We even have our own little group on Facebook where we share our ideas, classes, and just get excited about crafting in general! We can appreciate the “nerdiness” of it all. I gave us a name too, “The Stampettes”!

We are each different women from different walks of life and in different stages of life as well but we all share something in common – the need to be creative and express ourselves through the simple act of creating and connecting. With just some ink, paper and a stamp we know we can make something incredible and touch others lives, even if the impact is small. Handmade creations are meaningful and touching. Do you want to be part of this group? You can! There are many perks to joining the stamping family.

When you join you get to take a free class with me in the month that you sign up as a special thank you! Then buckle up and get ready for LOTS of fun! We go on crafting retreats, meet-ups and share online as well.

Are you ready to fulfill your wishlist and join the fam? Let’s go! Contact me today and I will help you build your list and get started. 

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