I’m doing it! Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk San Diego

When I found out my dear friend Alyssa, co-author of the blog Double Chin Diary, started a team for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk I knew I needed to join her on this journey. I will walk 60 miles over a three day span and raise $2300 to support research, scientific programs and community-based breast health and education programs for women and men facing breast cancer.

Susan G Komen

It’s a daunting task, I’m very nervous about being able to raise the amount needed and to be able to walk so much at once.

I want to take on this challenge because one in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. One in eight. 1 in 8.

One case of breast cancer is diagnosed among women every two minutes in the U.S.

Think about that.

It’s scary, however, organizations like Susan G. Komen have made great strides in the fight against all types of cancer.  “Since its founding in 1982, Komen has funded more than $800 million in research and provided almost $1.7 billion in funding to screening, education, treatment and psychosocial support programs serving millions of people in more than 30 countries worldwide.” (Source)

So I’m going to do my part in this fight. There are some very strong amazing women in my life who have successfully fought against cancer. I’m doing this for them, an aunt, a relative, a professor, and I’m doing this for all women and girls so that steps for early prevention are well-known and a diagnosis is not detrimental.

This is where you come in, dear reader. I need help raising the $2300, I can do the walk and raise awareness but I can’t do it alone. Donate today, and let’s do something about this together. Will you help me reach my goal?

A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and will go towards funding cancer research and much needed patient resources.

Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day
Of course, I will be documenting my journey right here on this blog. I already have some fundraiser ideas brewing and I can’t wait to work with my team, Double Chin Divas, to raise funds and raise awareness. On that note, I’m going to take a walk on my lunch break so I can start strengthening my body for the three day walk in November.
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