Kitty & Canine Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange

I’m participating in my first blogger gift exchange! I love this because it centers around pets and people who know me  know how obsessed I am with my pug and cat! My Instagram is mainly pictures of them and food. I found out about this gift exchange from blogger KJ Pugs, who can guess why I started reading her blog? (PUGS!)

Click the photo to see cute picture of pugs and more!

Fill out this form to participate! 

The rules: (non-bloggers can do it too!)

  1. You have to have a living, breathing pet. Sorry but your pet rock is awkward.
  2. Each pet has to be signed up individually, so if you have 3 pets – fill the form out 3 times! (It’s that easy.)
  3. Deadline to sign up is Sunday, November 25th.
  4. Deadline to send your gift to a cute little pet is Wednesday, December 5th.
  5. Please keep the gift under $10 – it doesn’t cost a lot to send some love!
  6. If you sign up you are promising to participate. No one likes a holiday Grinch!

If you participate be sure to Tweet and re-post the image to your blog!

Link back to one of the participating blogs too!


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