The prompt for today is “Describe your location”

Anyone who knows me well will know that I highly dislike my current location. If you’ve been reading this blog for the past few months you might have already read about my disdain for the area. Most people I know from Ventura County will always choose VC over the San Fernando Valley any day. When a new construction project starts in VC you might hear people mutter, “UGH They’re trying to get us to look like LA..” We like our open skies, close knit communities, easy to access beaches and traffic-light roads. If this makes me sound like a total snob-oh well I don’t care! I just find my part (and many parts) of Los Angeles to be ugly.

I prefer green open spaces and a blue sky unobstructed by buildings, billboards, power lines and neon signs. When I look around and see more pavement than dirt it makes me uncomfortable.

Ugly building across from CSUNThis eye sore is in my neighborhood directly across the street from the university.

Ugliness in the San Fernando Valley
That’s a motorized mannequin wearing a blonde wig waving a sign. I “get” to see this on my way home from work.

I’d much rather live in a quiet, peaceful, gorgeous corner of Ventura County with the option to drive out to LA for some adventures. To us LA is not some magical land. I used to have some friends in a band that joked, “You want to make it big in Hollywood?” “What–you mean 40 minutes down the 101?” Maybe if I was from middle of nowhere USA I might find big cities more intriguing.

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