Maybe Santa IS Real

Did you ever go through a time in your life where you truly believed that Santa Claus existed? I remember always questioning Santa’s existence. Sure, maybe when I was a tiny tot I believed. I just know when I got to be around 5 or 6 I always played along but at the same time questioned the whole concept. There was one Christmas however, that really truly made me believe.

My mom worked full time and tried her very best to give us a wonderful Christmas every year. I remember those early years living in Oxnard and we never had a disappointing Christmas. I always felt love, happiness, joy and the presence of family. There were always a few Barbie dolls to unwrap and a few new articles of clothing. It was always understood that any toys received were not really mine but “ours” to share. So in reality if I got two or three new Barbie dolls and my sisters also got two or three that added up and we had a whole bunch of new Barbies to play with together!

This one Christmas in particular was extra special. We went over to my Tia Mary’s house, as usual, for some Christmas Eve festivities. The night wound down and it was time to return home and sleep until Santa left us toys to unwrap on Christmas morning. Except this time it was different. This time we must have stayed up super late at Tia Mary’s house. When we stepped through our front door and saw that our Christmas tree looked drastically different–I just KNEW Santa came to our house!

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How could this possibly be? There they were, brand new shiny BIKES sitting under the tree waiting for us! In my mind there was no possible way my mom could have done this. First off, I knew we didn’t have much money for such things. My mom worked hard, had three kids to solely support. I even understood then that we lived under a tight budget. Plus not only that, she was there at Tia Mary’s house the WHOLE TIME. Everyone we knew and loved was also at her house.

How did these bikes get under the tree? It. Was. Santa. He was real. For at least one Christmas, I didn’t question or doubt. However I did analyze it a bit!

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