Memorable 2015 Moments and 2016 Goals


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Welcome 2016 – I’m ready for you! I’m not making any resolutions this year but I did think of a few goals.

  • Book at least one online Chloe + Isabel Pop-up each month, even if I’m the host. It’s a fun little side business that I genuinely like and want to continue sharing the beautiful, quality jewelry with the world.
  • Take a Photoshop class to improve my skills at work. My main skills as a Social Media Manager are in writing, editing and curating fan content as well as creating strategies, editorial calendars and connecting with social media influencers but I know I need to stay up-to-date with employer demands and learning a little bit of Photoshop, especially since I’m a one-woman team, will help with original content creation.
  • Post on this blog at least once a week going forward. I can’t let this blog die! It started years ago and I’ve really evolved over time. I should make myself continue to write and publish my own writing, ideas etc. so I have something for myself outside of work.

2015 ended so well, my sister gave birth to her son Kai and I am so lucky she wanted me there through her labor. My husband drove us to the hospital and waited patiently (he’s such a sweetheart!!) and my older sister met us there. We arrived around 2 a.m. My mom met up a few hours later once we knew labor was definitely progressing. Seeing her go through this painful yet rewarding experiencing and knowing that she trusted us to be part of it with her spoke volumes for the trust, love and understanding we have among us. She didn’t want her hand held but she wanted us just be there.

We are both lucky to share the same doctor. He’s kind, gentle, understanding, experienced, knowledgeable, patient and funny! There were several moments where he made us all laugh, even my laboring sister! It was difficult to see her in so much pain and I was relieved when they finally administered the epidural. She was able to breath normally again and speak. I know there are people out there against the use of epidural but after witnessing what she went through – I’m 100% for using one and if my labor progresses normally you bet I’m getting one too!


When it came time to push the doctor asked Marina and I to help. We helped hold her legs and we got to see Kai enter this world! By far THE BEST MOMENT OF 2015!! He was born at 11:16 a.m. on December 22 he weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and measured 19 inches. Right at the end I couldn’t muster the strength to hold her leg any longer, I let go, my hands were shaking and tears welled up in my eyes. The nurse asked if I was okay and I could barely sputter, “I’m just so happy.” When I saw his precious face the first thing I said to my sister was, “He has your nose! He’s so cute!” My heart immediately filled with love and it was the same exact feeling I had when I first laid eyes on Sophia, moments after she was born and my sister Marina asked for me to be with her as Sophia’s dad followed her to the NICU.

baby kai

I love Kai so much and I love looking at his little face and at this point I even love his cry…maybe I’ll get tired of it at some point but I know when he cries it’s not because of pain or sadness it’s just his way of communicating right now because he’s a newborn. Mostly he cries because he’s uncomfortable during a diaper change, getting a bath, missing his pacifier, or having is nose cleaned!

Other top memorable highlights from 2015:

  • Seeing my husband graduate from college. I’m incredibly proud of him for seeing it through and his hard work in the Air Force and college paid off, he found an internship at a nearby base that led to the full-time job he has now.
  • Traveling to the UK and Pars. This is a life-long dream fulfilled! I kept repeating it over, and over and became so determined to make this trip happen. We are so lucky that Kyle’s really good friend is living out there now and we got to stay with them and travel around together. Those memories will last forever!
  • Finding out I’m pregnant! Can things get any better? We knew we wanted to start a family sometime after Kyle graduated and visiting Europe but we didn’t really think it would happen right away. We were lucky to get pregnant so fast and I’m now 33 weeks along and progressing in a healthy way. I can’t wait to become a mom and meet baby Eric in 2016!!

What are some of your memorable moments from 2015? Are making any resolutions or setting any goals for 2016? Tell me in the comments!

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