Monique is Exploring: Fernbank Natural History Museum

Fernbank Natural History Museum

The Fernbank Natural History Museum in Atlanta, GA is the last attraction we hit up on our City Pass. We went to the museum after spending the first part of our day at the Georgia Aquarium.

The Fernbank Museum boasts an Imax theater at the entrance where visitors can view movies about…nature and/or history (surprise, surprise). Our City Pass ticket included a movie ticket and we arrived just before a film called “Greece: Stories of the Past” was about to start. Ancient civilizations caught my interest during sixth grade history lessons so this was right up my alley. I was a little tired from walking around the aquarium so a bit towards the end I started nodding off. The film absolutely interested me–the visuals are captivating and it is narrated by the actress from My Big Fat Greek Wedding but I just felt so comfortable in that dark cozy theater. I know for a lot of people history really is  snooze fest but I actually appreciate it.

The museum carries the usual museum fare–fossil reproductions, real “stuffed” animals, dinosaurs, ancient artifacts and so forth.

Stuffed fox at the Fernbank Museum
Hey there bag o’ bones! It’s a Stegosaurus.

The main exhibition that I found extremely entertaining is called The Scoop on Poop  based on the book by Wayne Lynch.

So pretty much this whole exhibit is about poop! It includes interactive games and displays that show how people and animals benefit from #2. I learned that there is a tribe in Africa that uses a certain type of animal dung to coat the rooftops of their huts. It acts as a natural coolant system for their homes. Another interesting fact I learned through a short video is how scientists study fossilized dino doo-doo–the more professional term is “coprolite”. It is a very delicate process and it helps scientists understand what the dinosaurs ate and what types of plants existed at the time. This is a fun and highly amusing exhibit where I saw both young and old thoroughly enjoying themselves and partaking in all the activities.

For some more poop related facts click here. The exhibit will be at the Fernbank Natural History Museum until September 3, 2012.

Kyle said “Put your head through and make a random face.” I had no clue that it was an outhouse!

Kyle hamming it up for this wonderful photo op at “The Poop on Scoop” exhibit.


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