Monique Is Exploring: Georgia Aquarium

Me at the Georgia Aquarium

On our second day of Atlanta sight-seeing we visited the Georgia Aquarium and Fernbank Natural History Museum. These are more attractions included with our Atlanta City Pass. The aquarium is full of a large variety of aquatic animals with plenty of photo opportunities. It’s a great place to escape from the oppressive heat and humidity common in the southern states. It is a perfect place for families, children and adults alike. My favorite part was the giant shark tank that included an archway where a conveyor belt leisurely moved guests through as sharks of all shapes and sizes swam over head. My second favorite part was the beluga whale tank where a pod of three or four swam around as an employee answered questions from the audience through a microphone. They seemed to like the rubbing their back against the glass. Oh, and the otters were pretty freakin’ precious looking too. Like kittens that love to swim. Adobrz!

There were several touch ponds that included your usual touch-worthy creatures like starfish, sea urchins and manta rays. There was also the opportunity to touch sea anemones but for some reason I don’t trust touching them–they are venomous right? I’m sure they are safe to touch, that’s just me being weird.

Georgia Aquarium offers sections with different types of environments and the aquatic creatures that live there, a dolphin show, a playground for children and a show with a Finding Nemo looking fish called “Deepo”. There is an overpriced cafe that serves includes a salad bar. We obviously skipped the kid’s stuff and found ourselves caught up in looking at the animals that we did not end up going to the dolphin show. We still needed to visit the Fernbank Natural History Museum!

Here are some pictures from Georgia Aquarium:

Huge sharks swimming overhead!
Manta Ray swimming in circles
Beluga whales
Jelly Fish

In my next post I will tell you all about this very interesting and unique exhibit at the Fernbank Natural History Museum. Hint…it has to do with “waste”.



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