Monique Is Exploring: Savannah, GA

After visiting Kyle’s cousin in the college town of Athens we took off in the morning for an interesting mini road trip to Savannah and spent a day out there. This was my first time driving through the true “deep south”. We went through small towns with one stop light and small churches with graveyards in the front. We passed by a City Hall/Police Station/Fire House all-in-one combo thing–that must be the epitome of a small town! We went through miles and miles of protected forest. Finally we arrived Savannah, checked-in to our hotel and went exploring!

Savannah is an old city rich with history, architecture and art. I felt like I traveled back in time as we walked through the city and stopped in different “squares” that held historical monuments.

Here are some photos snapped with my iphone during our walk:









Red fish, fried green tomatoes and a peach cocktail. Fine dining at Vic’s On The River. An amazing meal with a great view in a building full of history!






3 thoughts on “Monique Is Exploring: Savannah, GA”

  1. You made me want to go here so badly! I live in Atlanta and am originally from CA. The drive is so long (I’m a wimp!) but now I have to go! The cultural and history looks amazing. Guess my husband and I will need a date weekend. 🙂

    Stopping by from and SITS!

    1. You should definitely make a trip down! It’s a long, long drive but once you get there it’s worth it. Just go when it’s not so humid…I felt like I was practically swimming! Unless it’s always like that…anyway, you should do it!

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