Moved Again

So guess what we did this weekend—We moved! Again! It’s been one year since moving to Los Angeles (The Valley to be specific) and I just couldn’t hang. I couldn’t take the heat, literally. It’s too damn hot here. It gets to nearly 100 degrees almost daily for a huge part of the year. I couldn’t stand the busyness, crowding, billboards and excessive power lines.

So we’re back in our hometown living in the Abrahamsen family home. We are now commuting to the Valley together for school and work. Waking up early to commute sucks but you can’t beat cool Mediterranean-like weather year round and being close to my good friends and family. I’m literally neighbors with one of our besties. I already ran into my aunt at the store over the weekend. I love that!

We’ll also have the opportunity to save up for our future. This move will give Kyle the opportunity to continue attending school full time without having to get a full time job. He’s an electrical engineer major and his classes plus studying time are basically a full time job. I’m pretty sure he spends 40 or more hours a week focused on school work.

Anyway, just updating on that, since I made such a big deal about moving to the Valley in the first place!

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