No Candy Easter Basket Idea

Easter baskets are almost always full of Peeps, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and other sweets. I’m fairly certain my niece will be receiving her fill of sweet goodies on Easter so for the basket I put together for her I decided to go the “no candy” route.

No Candy Easter Basket Idea by Monique Is Blog

The supplies I used consist of:

2 Coloring Books

1 Pack of markers

1 Accessory dress up set

1 Small metal “lunch box”

3 Mini Dolls

3 See through carrot shaped plastic eggs

1 Tickle and Giggle Friend (Singing Fluffy Chick)

2 bags of plastic “grass”

1 Easter basket

1 large plastic basket cover

2 colors of yarn, yellow and orange

Lalaloopsy Easter Basket theme by Monique Is Blog

I thought it would be fun for her to open up eggs filled with little dolls instead of candies. Since she’s only two years old she probably won’t be able to play with them right away but she already loves drawing and “writing” so the coloring books and markers can be used right away.

I used the coloring books as a wall to prop up the rest of the items in the basket. I decided to fill it with two bags of fake grass just so the items wouldn’t sink down over time.

Easter Basket DIY idea by Monique Is Blog

To finish it up, I used a plastic basket cover and tied it up with some yellow and orange yarn to match the chick! I realized when I got home that I didn’t buy a big pretty ribbon bow so I just found some yarn already in the house.

Easter Basket DIY by Monique Is BlogNow it’s all wrapped up and waiting for Miss Sophia to open it up on Easter!

If you are curious about where I got the Tickle and Giggle Friend Easter chick, visit my Avon store here.

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