Best Fashion Advice

Everyone has a favorite article of clothing that they practically live in. When I was a kid it was probably a cozy t-shirt, for Jessica maybe a cute dress, Marina probably opted for a plaid-grunge-Nirvana-esque thing. When you’re a kid you don’t think about fashion rules. You just grab something comfy or whatever your parents lay out for you. My mom rarely had the time to lay out our clothes; we almost always picked out our outfits unless it was a special occasion. Being kids, we usually went straight for that one favorite article of clothing.                 My mom did…

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The Fear

The Fear is this feeling that was emblazoned into my young developing mind that told me to never ever step out of line. It was like the angel and devil sitting on my shoulders, except instead of the devil it was a strict woman with a leather dog leash ready to whip my scrawny ass if I did something wrong. So the angel told me to pick the good choices and the strict mean lady told me I’d better listen to my angel or else! Essentially the fear stopped me from doing anything that might anger, annoy, or upset my mom. She had…

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Well Then Eat Shit!

My mom didn’t raise us in a conventional way. She cursed like a sailor (she still does) and we were not allowed to follow that example. It was very much a “Do as I say not as I do” philosophy. Well maybe not so much a literal “do as I as I say” thing or else we’d by cursing up a storm today!   One of my favorite phrases that she said was, “Well then eat shit!” I love it, although it is harsh and not very appropriate for children and it scared me at the time. Now she didn’t just yell this profane statement randomly. No,…

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