Random Act of Kindness

I like to think that as I carry on my regular daily activities I perform small random acts of kindness without thought.

An act of kindness can include helping out a co-worker work through a project, finicky computer thing, brainstorming new content ideas together–anything that makes their job a little easier and accomplishes their goal.

At home an act of kindness is cooking dinner and serving it up for Kyle so he doesn’t have to break away from his intensive studying. Going to the store and picking up a new pack of socks or replacing his slippers because the current ones are wearing out.

Towards my friends its reaching out to them and letting them know I’m here for you during your hard time. If you need distance or need  a hug–whatever it is just know I’m here for you!

With family it’s taking phone calls and passing the messages on without complaint for my sister. Letting my other sister know that I can help her with my niece’s birthday party plans. Baking, DIY projects, running errands–just letting her know I can do it, just ask!

I never want to seem like a selfish rude person. I like helping others and I also don’t like intruding or being an inconvenience to others. There was a day a few years ago, before starting a corporate position at a big bank, that I decided, “I’m going to smile at people. I’m going to be nice and just smile.” That small act changed the way people perceived me. I became a smiling, cheerful, helpful person you can count on.


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4 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness”

  1. It’s truly amazing what a smile can do! I was visiting an aunt and uncle in Arizona last year and (as a habit) made a point of smiling at every person I made eye contact with. What did I get in return? Scowls, frowns and general suspicion. It was awful! I was desperate to get back home to Boise where smiles are greeted with smiles. I never realized how much those returned smiles meant to me!

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