Recipe: Spinach Salad

I mentioned on my Monique Is Blog Facebook page that I bought a HUGE bag of spinach and challenged myself to think of creative ways to cook with spinach. I dubbed it the “Spinach Challenge”. I got so into that I even created this Pinterest Board to gather ideas! One of the most common things I made with my spinach is salad. I just threw some random ingredients together that I like and chose whatever dressing I felt like eating that day.

This is basically what it looked like each time:

A little this, a little that…

Monique’s Spinach Salad Ingredients:


Shredded Carrot

Diced Tomato

Sliced Cucumber

Green Olives

About 2 tablespoons of any dressing.

You could probably add a cut up hard boiled egg or shredded chicken breast to make it a bit more substantial. That is basically how I like to cook–just use what is already in the kitchen and make the best of it. However I do follow recipes from Everyday Food magazine and the occasional Pinterest curated recipe. The next Spinach Challenge recipe I post will be a bit more creative!

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