Review: Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation and Glorious Face and Eye Primer

When my good friend Arlena started posting pictures of how amazing her Touch Mineral Foundation worked I perked up and paid attention. While I always dealt with acne issues, pregnancy made my acne worse and caused new breakouts along my jawline and my regular foundation just wasn’t doing the trick anymore. Plus, I’m not new to Younique products, I’m very pleased with the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara I purchased a while back when my cousin did an online Younique party. I decided to give Younique a try and I ordered the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation and  Glorious Face and Eye Primer to complete the look.

Younique Mineral Liquid Touch

I sent Arlena photos of my face without a stitch of makeup on while in natural lighting and she helped color match me. I ordered Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation in the shade “Satin”. When the products arrived they came in beautiful packaging which I admired for a minute and then tossed in the recycle bin. I wanted to see if this Younique magic would work for me!

Arlena uses the powder foundation - works just as well!
Arlena uses the powder foundation – works just as well!

I applied the primer and let it sit for a couple minutes then added a drop of foundation (it comes in the form of a dropper!) to my forehead and cheeks. I used my regular foundation brush to blend. Then I added some powder with a fluffy brush – BIG MISTAKE. This caused my skin to become dry and flaky. You don’t need any setting powder with the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation because it goes from liquid to powder once blended on your skin. I gave my face a couple days to rest, sans makeup, and gave it another try.

Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation Before After
Not the most flattering photo but you can see the difference, it’s like liquid photoshop!

The results are amazing – lightweight coverage that really hides skin imperfections like acne, discoloration, and redness. For Christmas my husband surprised me with the Younique Blusher Brush and I found that blending the foundation became a lot easier and the finish improved with this brush. It blends the product onto your skin evenly.

I would definitely recommend Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer (I love that you can use it all over your face!) and the Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation. Click here to visit Arlena’s store and to contact her for more information. 


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