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I’m a fan of packing up the car and hitting the road. Because of the size of the state I live in, the geography is mixed and it can take hours and hours to reach a completely new destination. Some places I’ve taken road trips to include San Francisco, San Diego, Lake Tahoe, Mexico, Arizona, Las Vegas, Texas, and Idaho. My definition of a road trip is any type of travel by car that takes many hours and you will be staying at your destination for more than 24 hours.

Before hitting the road there are a few things I like to check on my car. First make sure you have a full tank of gas, coolant, oil, and enough air in tires. Also, clean all the windows. I like to empty out any trash in my car because I know trash will collect while on the road.

Road Trip Car Checklist. Things to do to your car before hitting the road. By Monique Is Blog.

Second, make sure you are dressed comfortably for the long trip ahead of you. Your comfy jeans, a t shirt and favorite casual sneakers. Keep in mind the environment and weather you are driving towards. If you live by the beach but are headed to the snow remember that as you select your clothing. Make sure you keep your heavy jacket and gloves handy so you can slip into them quickly when you arrive.

Bring along your cell phone car charger, water bottle, snacks, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, lip balm and sunglasses. Lip balm and water are important because your mouth can get dry as you sit in front of the AC or with open windows for long periods of time. Healthy snacks like trail mix and granola bars are  good to keep handy so you can munch on the road without having to make additional stops.  I keep wet wipes in my car in case I spill something messy and need to clean up. Hand sanitizer is important for random rest stops, what if they’re out of soap?! Of course, research your route ahead of time and keep a paper map in your car just in case.

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Before leaving home be sure to use the restroom! This is serious, you don’t want to set off and then need to find a restroom before you’ve even left your hometown! Also, be sure to eat a good breakfast so you can go a while before needing to stop for a meal.

As you travel, keep your eye open for blue signs that signify rest stops and gas stations. Know how far your car can go before filling up again and pace your water intake.

Road trips can be so much fun if you prepare yourself ahead of time. I like road trips because it gives me a chance to learn more about my state and surrounding states. One of my favorite road trip memories is driving through Arizona at night and watching the lightning from my sun roof.

Do you have any tips for road trips? Share them with me in the comments below!

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