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Hello there! It’s been quiet on the blog for a few days but only because I was busy getting ready for this awesome camping trip we just came back from on Sunday! For my husband’s birthday we gathered up a group of friends and ventured off to Santa Cruz Island.

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The island is just an hour away by boat from Ventura Harbor. It is a protected island in a state of restoration, with park rangers living there and guided hikes for day trips.  First, Chumash Native-American tribes inhabited the island but then in the 1800s European ranchers lived on the island and eventually non-native animals like sheep, pigs and golden eagles began to destroy the natural landscape. Today the fragile island environment is recovering. You will no longer find sheep or wild boar on the island. It was my first time ever camping out at one of our local Channel Islands and the experience was amazing. We even saw two fin whales while on the boat trip over!

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Each day we set off on a hike, exploring the beauty of the island. The wildlife there consists of island foxes, pelicans, lizards, California sea lions, scrub jays,  ravens, spotted skunks plus so many more small animals. We didn’t see any skunks but I’m pretty sure we smelled one at some point! We did see some island foxes, they are pretty brave and sneaky coming up to campgrounds searching for treats. I think most of the campers around us were good about storing their food because I didn’t see any foxes running off with food.

Santa Cruz Island flowers  Monique Is Blog
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The views were gorgeous, yellow mustard flowers filled the hillsides and cowboy sage sprung up here and there. Purple flowers, white morning glory, yellow daisies–so many beautiful colorful flowers dotted the hillsides. Eucalyptus trees mixed with fresh sea air to create a relaxing aroma. The waves crashed against the coves and tide pools were filled with sea anemone, barnacles and silver striped snails.

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In addition to it being a relaxing, internet and cell phone reception free, friendship bonding experience I also used it as an opportunity to put in some training miles for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk. I really tested my endurance over the three day trip on Santa Cruz Island! If you would like to support my goal to raise $2300 by November for cancer research and patient services please feel free to click here.

Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day

You can learn more about Santa Cruz Island and how to plan a trip to the Channel Islands by clicking here.

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous! I started digging into camping on the island and totally want to go there now. It’s on my list!

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