Shot Glass Storage

Shot glasses can be used for more than just guzzling down your choice of liquor–they can be used for storage! I came across this idea while perusing Pinterest. I continue to discover so many unique organizing tips through that site.

This Shot Glass Checkers set gathered dust in a closet for years and I only used it once! Each piece is now being put to use.

         First I organized a drawer in the entertainment center. The square shot glasses are perfect for holding various batteries, dice and small electronic cords. We also store playing cards, Uno and Loteria (Mexican Bingo) in this drawer.

Here is a better look at what is inside the shot glasses:

Four batteries fit perfectly.

I also took this storage method to the bathroom. I completely reorganized the drawers, under the sink and medicine cabinet. Today I will just show you how I implemented the shot glasses in the top drawer and medicine cabinet.

Shot glass storage in the medicine cabinet.

Shot glass storage in the top drawer.

Previously the top drawer was crammed with hair products, flat iron, blow dryer and curling iron. Hair ties, bobby pins and other small things became lost in the mix. I threw away hair products that I never used (even full bottles!) and kept only my everyday essentials. I stored it all in a caddy I bought from Avon. Now the top drawer contains my everyday skin care products, earring box, cotton swabs and a few small things neatly stored in shot glasses.

I also rearranged the medicine cabinet. Before the shelves stored products in a random order. Now each shelf holds specific products. The top shelf (pictured above) now only holds medicine and some acne products. I used a shot glass to store small tubes of medicated ointments.

Here is a closer look at what is inside the shot glasses:

Medicated ointments, acne spot treatment, travel perfumes

I even made use of the checker board that came with the set as a decoration piece. For now I’m using it to accent this mosaic vase from Party Lite.

Now that is how you use shot glasses for storage! One of the most important things I learned so far from all the organizing blogs I stumbled on via Pinterest is to shop your home for items to re-purpose and think outside the box–think of how to use items not for its intended purpose!

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