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Pet Gift Exchange

Last month I posted that I participated in the annual Kitty and Canine Blogger Gift Exchange and this post is to show you all the nice goodies my pug, Sheila, and cat, Snow Snuggles, received! I was linked up with Kelly, the blogger behind Brownies and Zucchini. This blog features mainly restaurant and recipe reviews. Recently I’ve enjoyed reading about her yummy looking Christmas cookies! So now behold…cute pet pics!! Thank you for the gifts!

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Kitty & Canine Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange

I’m participating in my first blogger gift exchange! I love this because it centers around pets and people who know me  know how obsessed I am with my pug and cat! My Instagram is mainly pictures of them and food. I found out about this gift exchange from blogger KJ Pugs, who can guess why I started reading her blog? (PUGS!) Click the photo to see cute picture of pugs and more! Fill out this form to participate!  The rules: (non-bloggers can do it too!) You have to have a living, breathing pet. Sorry but your pet rock is awkward.…

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