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Pet Gift Exchange

Last month I posted that I participated in the annual Kitty and Canine Blogger Gift Exchange and this post is to show you all the nice goodies my pug, Sheila, and cat, Snow Snuggles, received! I was linked up with Kelly, the blogger behind Brownies and Zucchini. This blog features mainly restaurant and recipe reviews. Recently I’ve enjoyed reading about her yummy looking Christmas cookies! So now behold…cute pet pics!! Thank you for the gifts!

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Moving Pros

We are leaving our cozy little apartment hidden away in Simi Valley to move to “The Valley”. If you are not familiar with Southern California, The Valley is the part of Los Angeles more formally known as the San Fernando Valley. Simi Valley is part of Ventura County–it’s that big chunk of land between LA and Santa Barbara counties. I’m sad to leave the place where my view includes clear blue skies, majestic mountains, tree lined streets and a nice suburban backdrop. I’m also sad to be that much further from my sibilings and future in-laws who live just north…

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