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Memorial Candle Wedding DIY

Unfortunately some of our grandparents were no longer with us at the time of our wedding but we wanted to honor them since they meant so much to us in our lives. I decided to create a memorial candle. I found many examples on Pinterest and Etsy but none of the things I saw online really stuck with me. I made a trip to Michael’s and found some supplies to create something a little different for our memorial candle. Using a plain glass candle holder, Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream, Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils plus some ribbon, glass glue and…

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Wedding Count Down

Hi everyone! I haven’t updated this blog in a little while but I have been super busy with work and last minute wedding details. Just wanted to check in here to let you all know I have many wedding related posts planned. They will go up after the honeymoon. I just don’t want to reveal too many details before hand. Let’s just take a moment to realize something. We’re getting married in FIVE DAYS! I’m excited and nervous! I have everything I need, picked up my dress over the weekend and all my accessories are set. My venue is amazing…

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Wedding Updates

It’s been quite a while since I mentioned anything about my wedding here. The wedding is coming soon, a little less than four months to go! I’ve read on many different wedding forums and websites that it is not polite to discuss wedding details with people who are not invited, especially on the internet. I’ve read that it might lead to people to thinking they are invited, it spoils surprises for the guests and solicits unwanted opinions–plus many other reasons. I just can’t hold back anymore though! We’ve picked out so many of the big details like venue, dress, tux,…

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