The Things We Planted

Oh the things we planted, how they changed over time. Some flourished. Some withered. Some are barely hanging on.

Our calla lilies are doing great! The pink ones are especially vibrant, the purple…eh not so much. They at least add some green to the front yard planter.

Pink Calla Lily

Pink and Purple Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies in front yard planter  Monique Is Blog

Next our bell peppers and tomatoes are drastically different. The tomatoes are growing quickly and becoming large and bushy. Recently, Kyle stuck some potatoes in the ground, and those are blossoming as well. They just get bigger every day!

Tomatoes and Potatoes Monique Is Blog

The bell peppers are still tiny little seedlings…

Bell Peppers in a garden Monique Is Blog

Last, Kyle managed to get some garlic cloves to sprout. He placed them in a bowl of water and after a few days they sprouted! So he stuck them in some pots with soil and they seem to be growing!

Growing garlic at home  Monique Is Blog

And those are the things we planted. 🙂

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