We Planted Food!

I  said it before, I’m not a huge fan of gardening. However, my husband enjoys putting seeds in dirt and watching them turn into plants. So we started a vegetable and herb garden. We started by planting bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, rosemary, and basil. We also already have a mint plant growing strong.

Starting a vegetable garden  Monique Is Blog

We decided to start the seeds in an egg carton with some soil. We put the tomatoes and bell peppers on the kitchen windowsill. We planted the cucumbers in the lid of the egg carton and lettuce in small pots and placed those outside.

Egg carton gardening  Monique Is Blog

Start a garden by planting seeds in an egg carton  Monique Is Blog

So we wouldn’t forget what was planted where, we made flags out of toothpicks and tape. I used a pen and jotted down the name of each plant. No we’ll never forget!

Bell Peppers and Tomatoes  Monique Is Blog

Identify what you planted by creating flags using toothpicks and tape  Monique Is Blog

Last, Kyle added some saran wrap to the egg cartons to capture water and act as a semi-greenhouse. We put the excess seeds in zip loc baggies so we can use them in the future. How long do seeds stay good anyway?

Add saran wrap to your egg carton garden to capture water  Monique Is Blog

The tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, and rosemary thrived while the cucumber sprouted then died on a hot windy day. One lettuce plant sprouted but then also died. We just planted the tomato and bell pepper seedlings in the ground but it’s hot and windy again so I hope they are strong enough to last! We’re going to take two with the cucumber and lettuce by planting new seeds and setting those on the windowsill.

Now I still don’t think toiling away in the heat is fun, it sucks and my interest quickly waned as we prepared the soil for planting. Luckily Kyle really did a lot of the heavy digging and I helped out.

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